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••••••••••• As part of a volunteering group -called Food Heaven – in my universi…

As part of a volunteering group -called Food Heaven – in my university, I get to go to a primary school every Wednesday for 6 weeks, teaching children about healthy eating, hygiene and also getting to make food with them🏫.

Each week 2/3 of us will take turns leading the group and last week it was my group’s turn. The lesson was based on “Foods Around The World” and it was great to teach the children all the different types of foods there are🗺️.

They also enjoyed telling us the different countries they are from as well. Our group chose to do healthy wraps for the lesson. For the fillings we had tomatoes🍅 , peppers 🚦, cucumbers🥒, olives, avocados 🥑, lettuce 🥗 and cheese🧀. It went down a treat! But a lot of the children were not so keen on trying the avocados (it doesn’t help that they weren’t fully ripe enough)🤣!

It’s really nice to see the children laugh and learn something new about food, and hearing that they want to try it at home. The weeks have gone by so quickly, we only have two left 😭!!

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